3 ways to own an NFT

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GM again Fren, (it’s a GM whenever you feel like it). Maybe you ever wondered how you can get to own an NFT? Have no worries you do not have to appease any god(s) to do that, You can easily get an NFT through one of the following ways;



You can get an NFT by converting a digital file to an NFT. The digital file could be yours or could be from another creator if they are launching an NFT or an NFT collection.



Buy from a secondary marketplace

You haven’t any digital file you want to turn into an NFT? Or you haven’t found any upcoming NFT/NFT collection launch? you can go on any NFT marketplace and purchase any NFT of your choice using a cryptocurrency.



Apart from minting an NFT or purchasing one or some from the NFT marketplace, you can receive an NFT airdrop from an NFT project team for completing  a/some task or for holding one or more of their NFTs from a previous collection (there is no fixed prerequisite for an airdrop). If you haven’t got the opportunity to mint an NFT, cannot purchase from an NFT marketplace and also have’t qualified for any airdrop, you can get your fren to transfer an NFT to you via your private wallet address.

Now you can go get yourself some NFTs you want or need, but I must warn you,WhatsApp Image 2022 12 18 at 20.41.54

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Just so you know, NFTs are shht 不不不 but we’ll make something out of the shut不不
Nice information Allwehda



Yeah we will不不

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