Aptos Incentivize TestNet Airdrop: ATODEX

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Aptos Airdrop is completed. We got it. We can still test Dapp & get Airdrop.

We need to test the Dapp feature as a daily mission Like Swap, Add liquidity, Farm, and Stake. As of now, Swap & add liquidity is active.

  • Switch to Devnet on Petra Wallet
  • Click the ‘Airdrop’ button & get some APT on devnet.
  • Open https://devnet.atodex.io/swap/, and Connect your wallet.
  • Click on APT and register all tokens.
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Click on Faucet Button and take all test tokens.


First Task(swap):

  • Go to Swap and swap tokens in USDT — ADX pair.

The second task(add liquidity):

  • Go to liquidity & click the ‘Add Liquidity’ button.
  • We need to liquidity on the APT — ADX pair as mentioned in the mission.
  • Select APT and tADX and click ‘Supply’ > Confirm Supply > Confirm Transaction on the wallet.

⚡️We have already completed the faucet task. Now again go to Mission and claim your points. We can collect 30 Points daily.

⚡️Points will be converted to Token after TGE.

⚡️ Join discord & send your address and feedback on the #feedback channel

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