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What is ApTos?? Aptos Is a Blockchain just like Binance, Ethereum, Solana etc. but with crazy transaction speed and also promising low gas fees. There are a lot of projects currently built on Aptos Ecosystem though it’s currently on Testnet and they might offer juicy Incentivize Airdrops.


Interacting with this projects now that they are on Testnet will allow you gain Incentivize or bounty airdrops in future.


List of Aptos Wallets


Below are Aptos Wallet and are only Chrome Extesnion Wallets, those using Smart Phone can Use them on Kiwi Or Yandex Browser.


Martian Wallet

Petra Wallet

Pontem Wallet

Fewcha Wallet





Use Wallet In Testnet Network

Here is How to Switch Wallet to Testnet

Open any of the Aptos Wallet >>> Go to Setting >>> Search For Network Section >>> Click On Network >>> Then Switch to Testnet 



Full List of Aptos Blockchain Incentivized Testnet


1. Acova:

Site : https://acova.io/

Discord: https://discord.gg/KrS5qH3KU9]


2. itsrareMarket:

Site : https://aptos.itsrare.app/#/


Twitter : https://twitter.com/itsrareMarket


3. AptosSwap :

Site : https://aptoswap.net/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/aptoswap_net


4. AptoSwap:

Site: https://aptoswap.app/swap


Twitter: https://twitter.com/AptoSwap_org


5. Umi Protocol:

Site : Only for invited people (Need Code to Test)


Twitter : https://twitter.com/UmiProtocol


6. Thala Labs:

Site : https://www.thalalabs.xyz/#


Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThalaLabs


7. AptosLaunch:



Twitter: https://aptoslaunch.io/


8. Top NFT :

Site : https://topnft.app/


Twitter : https://twitter.com/TopNftMart


9. Ultimaprotocol :

Site : Not Live Yet

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Twitter : https://twitter.com/ultimaprotocol


10. Empo Fi :

Site : Not Live Yet


Twitter : https://twitter.com/Empo_Fi


11. Stratios Labs :

Site : https://stratios.finance/


Twitter : https://twitter.com/StratiosLabs


12. TortugaFinance :

Site : https://dev.app.tortuga.finance/


Twitter : https://twitter.com/TortugaFinance




So these are the full list of potential Aptos Incentivize airdrops.



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