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Introduction: Arbitrum (Twitter: is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution. Arbitrum is a suite of fast, low-cost, and secure, Ethereum scaling solutions by OffchainLabs


Recently there’s been a lot of speculation about the $ARBI token airdrop. For example, wagame.eth has produced a cheat sheet for different possible criteria.

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The consensus seems to be that on-chain activity will be the most important criteria for the airdrop distribution.

Therefore we brought you a few projects on Arbitrum that don’t have a token. Interact with them for a chance to receive $ARBI airdrop as well as the project token airdrop.


Getting Started:

If you don’t have the Arbitrum network on your MetaMask, go add it at


Step 1:

You’ll have to bridge over some $ETH to Arbitrum.

  • You can use Rango (confirmed airdrop)
  • Meson (free bridging for stablecoins)
  • Bungee (no token) to do the bridging from other Layer 2s such as Polygon.



Step 2:

We can then interact with different protocols in Arbitrum.

Here are some high-potential protocols on Arbitrum without tokens. Interact with the ones you like.


Nested (Twitter: (Copy this USDC portfolio or create a new one yourself.)

Confirmed airdrop (for portfolios >$20). Social investing tool on Arbitrum. We previously covered it on other chains in this article.


VoVo (Twitter:

First structured products protocol on Arbitrum. Deposit USDC or GLP.

Vovo farms with your stablecoins on Curve and use the yield to open leveraged long/short positions on GMX.

See also  Best Decentralise Exchanges (DEXs) on Arbitrum Ecosystem



Rage Trade (Twitter:

Deposit USDC/ETH/Curve tricrypto LP tokens into their 80–20 vault to earn $CRV rewards, Curve trading fees and perp trading fees.


Sentiment (Twitter:

Deposit USDC/USDT. Undercollateralized borrowing is made possible by restricting borrowed funds in their smart contract wallet.


Credit: Defi CALENDAR

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