Claim free $10 BUSD with Your Binance Account

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Hello Wikerians, today I have brought you some goodnews, which can earn you $10 BUSD into your Binance account.

Claim free $10 BUSD with Your Binance Account

People with a Binance account, can directly visit the below link and claim their free cash.




People who don’t have an account should follow these steps:


First, to create a free account click here: Sign up or Scan the QR Code and get eligible for extra $100 USD voucher



Enter your details and verify your account.


Then click here, You can see the Code on the opened page. Copy it. (without a Binance account you can’t claim it)


Then paste the code in the space showing enter the code.


You can see the amount of USD you got, it is directly redeemed into your Binance Fund account.


You can even stake it to earn interest or invest in the crypto or withdraw it to your bank.


(Valid for a limited time ) Claim yours fast.


Claim free $10 BUSD with Your Binance Account

I was given $0.05 BUSD….But try yours, you might receive more. Winks 😂😂



A chance to earn an interest of 8% on your crypto holdings.

Want to Claim an offer, click Here


Learn and earn Offers from Binance

If you are into crypto and want to learn about the mechanism and related stuff about crypto and blockchain, you can visit the Learn about crypto tab in the Binance account.


To encourage the tribe Binance has introduced the learn and earn option so that it encourages people to learn something new and even get some crypto doing it.

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To visit the learn and earn tab click here


Stay tuned for more

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