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Previously I talked about possible Meta Mask airdrops, here I’ve shared list of other retroactive airdrops you should interact with as soon as possible.

  1. Metamask swaps Most of you may have already done this. If not… – Download the extension – Use the swap feature – At least do a 100$ volume and 2-3 swaps. – Currently active on these networks: ETH, BSC, and Matic.

Link: https://metamask.io

2. Multisigners – Use gnosis safe. – Try to do at least 10 transactions Consensys is one of the investors in Gnosis Safe



3. Gitcoin Donors – Donate at least 10$ – Set up the gitcoin passport. – Layer 1 checkout [Use standard checkout]



4. Portfolio Dapp and Bridge; they recently launched their portfolio checking dapp along with a built-in Bridge. – Use the bridge – Do at least 5 transactions. The bridge currently supports ETH, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche



5. Consensys-owned Infura is also focusing on a decentralized environment with rumours of a $INFURA token on the round. They have an “Early Access Program for a New Decentralized Infrastructure Network”, which I think is worth filling up.


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