How it Works

What is Wikeria?

Wikeria is a social online community that helps both young and aged individuals make money leveraging the power of the internet. It connects like-minded cryptocurrency and blockchain technology enthusiasts all-round the world.


What is Wikeria University?

Wikeria University is world No. 1 e-Learning crypto university that teaches Web3, blockchain technology, investing, trading, NFTs, DeFi, Play2Earn & other digitals skills.


How is payment made on Wikeria Store and Wikeria University?

On Wikeria, we have our utility token, WRT (Wikeria Reward Token). This token helps facilitate trades in the Wikeria ecosystem. Users earn this token by simply using the platform (registering, login, visiting, reading post, asking questions, answering questions etc.)

Users can also use this token to shop in our Store. You can also enroll in our wide-range of courses in our crypto University using WRT as the payment method.


How to Deposit $WRT

In a case that the WRT balance in your Wikeria wallet isn’t enough for the transaction you want to execute, you can deposit WRT. To deposit WRT, follow the below instructions.

Enter the deposit page

deposit WRT


Put in the quantity of WRT you want to deposit and tab Buy Now.

deposit WRT


Tab continue, then follow the instruction on the next pop up that will open and make payment to the account.

Note: each transaction has a unique transaction code, make  sure you use the Unique code as the transaction description. After making payment, your WRT will be deposited in your wallet after few minutes.

For more information or enquiry, contact or message @wikeria .



Instructors are tutors in Wikeria crypto university, they earn 40% per sales of their course(s). To become an Instructor, a onetime activation fee of 3000 WRT is required … If you have a digital course and wish to become an Instructor on Crypto University, mail  or message @wikeria



Are vendors who list their digital products, (eBooks, Audio-books etc) for sale on Wikeria Store. To become a Merchant, a onetime activation fee of 2000 WRT is required … If you have a digital product and wish to list on our store, mail  or message @wikeria … Merchants earn 40% per of their products.




Wikeria affiliates earn whooping 50% commission per sales via their affiliate link. 10% goes for website maintenance. Merchants get 40%.


How to shop on Wikeria

  1. To shop on wikeria, you simply have to search the product you need, either on the Store or Courses on Crypto university.
  2. Add the product to your cart, then proceed to checkout.
  3. on checkout page, Fill your billing details…choose your preferred payment method. We support over 5 cryptocurrencies (ALGO, BUSD, BNB, USDT, MATIC and WRT)
  4. If you select WRT as your payment method, it will be deducted from your balance automatically.
  5. If you choose other cryptocurrencies as your payment method, check the box and tab Place Order.
  6. Scan the QR Code or copy the wallet address and send the exact amount of crypto to the address before the stipulated time of 2 hours.

How to shop on Wikeria



How to shop on Wikeria


Note: make sure you send the exact figure to the addresss.