How to Verify Binance Account in Nigeria in 10 Mins (Step by Step Guide)

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Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more popular in Nigeria perhaps because of the trampling state of the country’s economy. Most of the youths in the country trade these coins every day. However, there are some who are not able to do it due to account verification. Most people find it difficult to verify their Binance account. This is very important to ensure their safety and security.

If you are a newbie crypto trader in Nigeria without a Binance account, you’ll find it very difficult to trade successfully if you don’t have a verified  Binance account.

By landing here on this page, I believe you also want to get your account verified. that means you’ve opened a Binance account but you don’t know how to verify the account or you have tried multiple times but failed.

No matter the case, after going through and implementing the below guidelines your account will be verified except your village people are against you, lols don’t mind me!


Enough stories, let me walk you through the steps to verify your Binance account in Nigeria.


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What is Binance?

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that accepts various types of cryptocurrencies, Binance enables users to buy and sell digital tokens.

Its own cryptocurrency, the BNB, is becoming more popular in the market. the  volume.





  with   has been 




Level 1: Basic Verification

This basic information


  • Nationality


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Level 2: Intermediate Verification

This is the second verification level and it involves address authentication.

You have to pass the level 2 verification to conduct very huge transactions of up to $50,000 fiat withdrawal and a $50,000 fiat deposit daily. Unlimited p2p transactions. unlimited deposit and 100BTC withdrawal daily. other features include getting a Binance card, OTC/LPD.


  • uploading your means of identification
  • facial recognition verification 


In addition, the documents you upload must carry the same information you provided in Basic verification.

The name must match, the address must be the same, the date of birth must be accurate too.

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Level 3: Advanced Verification

This is the third verification level. The benefits aren’t different from what you get in level 2.

The advance level verification allows fiat deposit and withdrawal of up to $200,000 daily.


You most likely will be a big company using crypto before you can engage in such a huge amount of cryptocurrency transactions. For the advanced verification, you can provide any of the following:

  • Bank statement
  • Utility bill (electricity, water, waste disposal, internet etc.)

These documents must clearly show your address in full as entered in Binance and your name as in your government-issued ID. Any slight difference could lead to a failed verification.


Furthermore, the documents you provide must be original and new to prove you still reside at the address. Binance hardly accepts address verification documents older than 3 months.


Since the limit is the same as level 2, there’s no need to undergo the level 3 verification. You should only complete the level 3 verification if Binance specifically requests for it.


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Step by Step Guidelines for Verifying Binance Account in Nigeria

1. Snap the front and back of your means of identification (Voters card, National ID, or driver’s license).


2. After snapping, crop the picture to reduce its file size, also confirm that it’s clear enough, and make sure the edges are not cropped off.

How to Verify Binance Account in Nigeria in 10 Mins (Step by Step Guide)



How to Verify Binance Account in Nigeria in 10 Mins (Step by Step Guide)


3. log in to your Binance account on a mobile browser (Chrome, Brave or any good mobile browser aside from Opera mini). why I recommend using a mobile browser instead of the Binance app is because it’s faster during the facial recognition process.


4.  Tab the Verify link, put in your details for the Basic verification if you’ve not yet done that. then proceed to Intermediary verification. upload your means of verification that you snapped earlier.




5. Then proceed to the facial recognition process, make sure you do it outside during the daytime so you have a clearer picture. follow all the commands the robot will tell you to do.



6. After completing the facial recognition process, wait few minutes. an approval or disapproval mail from Binance will be sent to your email. then refresh your finance page you’ll see that you’ve been verified or disapproved.

if you’re disapproved, try another clear means of identification and also do the facial recognition again till you are verified.


How to Verify Binance Account in Nigeria in 10 Mins (Step by Step Guide)



Important tips: in case you don’t have voters card or drivers licence and the only ID you have is the NIMC slip, go to google play store, search for MWS NIMC MobileID, install the app.


How to Verify Binance Account in Nigeria in 10 Mins (Step by Step Guide)


Open the app, you’ll be asked to put in your NIN 11 digits, type them in then tab Next. type in the phone number you used for your NIN registration.

How to Verify Binance Account in Nigeria in 10 Mins (Step by Step Guide)


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Your National ID will be displayed as seen in the above picture. use another phone to snap it out, front and back.

then crop it and use it for your Binance verification, it will be approved.


If you follow the above-detailed guidelines, there’s no how your Binance account will not be verified. in case you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment box to share with us.

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