3 ways to own an NFT

GM again Fren, (it’s a GM whenever you feel like it). Maybe you ever wondered how you can get to own an NFT? Have no worries you do not have to appease any god(s) to do that, You can easily get an NFT through one of the following ways;   Mint You can get an […]

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Types of NFTs

Table of contents DIGITAL ARTSMUSIC NFTsVIDEO CLIPS AND GIFsVIDEO GAME NFTsBOOKSCERTIFICATESMETAVERSE LANDSTICKETS and PASSESCONCLUSION GM Fren, Howdy? If you are reading this, GG. In the last article we gave the simplest explanations of NFTs, this article will tell the TYPES OF NFTs. “But I thought NFTs were just digital artworks on the blockchain?” Sorry but […]

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What is an NFT? Simplest explanation.

With NFT being a buzz word in 2021, billions of dollars traded in NFTs, about 3,200 NFTs sold daily, and big name brands and organizations making use of NFTs (At the last Ballon d’or ceremony, 5 awardees were given an NFT of their trophies alongside the physical trophy) you might conclude that NFTs are getting […]

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