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    1 year, 5 months ago

    Hi Wikerians,

    It’s been a great year so far filled with different disheartening events in the space. After experiencing the highs and lows of 2022, we’re anticipating a fresh chapter in 2023.

    We’re thankful to have you with us on this journey.

    Wikeria was founded in mid 2021 with a mission of connecting like-minded Blockchain tech and Web3 enthusiasts around the globe.

    Initially we didn’t know how this vision will come to reality, but honestly we’re achieving that mission. And it wouldn’t have been possible without you by our side.

    Despite the difficulties of the past year, we remain committed to building the necessary infrastructure to bridge the gap between web2 and web3. In 2023, we have exciting new features and products coming — as we work towards achieving our core aim of connectivity.

    “According to my Grand Dad, it is easy for a poor or old fish to simply swim and drift along, but it takes a strong, lively fish to swim against the current.”

    By remaining with us up to this point shows that you’re strong and you’re ready for what the future holds for us all

    We hope that 2023 brings happiness, good health, and stability to us all.

    With warm wishes from everyone at Wikeria.ORG.


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