Meta Mask potential Airdrop: here’s how to interact

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Today, MetaMask launched MM Bridge which may lead to a potential meta Mask airdrop for early users. 🦊 Also, a Google Form to be a testnet validator in the zk-EVM solution from ConsenSys just opened 4hs ago. Fill it now!


A reminder that this year Lubin already confirmed a MM token.


Here is what you can do to try and get all airdrops: 🧵🪂


1. This is the WhiteFoxMask airdrop thread Olimpio made in April:


He covered using the MetaMask swap feature. If you haven’t already, give it a try. It’s a good way to interact with MM at a blockchain level


These smart contracts could be used for a snapshot.



2. Today MetaMask launched a new feature: Bridges.


It’s a bridge aggregator integrated with Hop, Connext, Celer, cBridge and Polygon Bridge.


Another good way to interact with MetaMask’s smart contracts, this could serve for a snapshot.


Try it now:



3. ConsenSys is planning to launch a rollup zk-EVM:


⚡️ They have just opened applications to participate on their testnet. Be quick, they might be open for just a few hours:

See also  Soul Name Service Launching on Aptos Mainnet Soon




Team member says there could be rewards




4. Infura is a infrastructure service from ConsenSys, powering web3 services and allowing developers to connect to the Ethereum network.


There is a rumour that $INFURA might be on its way.


Covered it here:




5. There’s a (month old) early access program application to join the new “decentralized” infrastructure service that infura wants to build.


Here is the form, still works:




Anyways, go to their discord to check how to get involved.






ConsenSys owns MM & Infura, and is planning to launch its own zk-EVM rollup


• $MASK → bridge and swap using MetaMask

• zk-EVM → Fill Google Form and participate in ConsenSys testnet

• $INFURA → Fill form and get involved in their decentralized future vision


Sorry if anyone is stuck with liquidity at FTX. Let’s hope it gets resolved, these have been bad days for the industry


We need to keep moving forward, that’s why I am posting these news.


My advice would be to withdraw all crypto from all CEXes until there’s more greenlight



Credit: Olimpio.lens

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