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Web Developer & Blockchain enthusiast   Founder, AbasTechGlobal et
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Claim free $10 BUSD with Your Binance Account
1 day ago no Comment

Hello Wikerians, today I have brought you some goodnews, which can earn you $10 BUSD into your Binance account. People with a Binance account, can directly visit the below link and claim their free cash.   Here   People who don’t have an account should follow these steps:   First, to create a free account […]

Phi Airdrop Testnet Guide — Phi (Polygon)
4 weeks ago no Comment

In this guide, I will show you how to interact with the Phi Airdrop Testnet. but first of all what is Phi? Phi (Twitter: is the first social metaverse focused on “on-chain Identity” created using ENS domains and proven wallet activity. It encourages users to interact with various Web3 protocols, which in turn provides positive […]

What to do in a crypto bear market: 6 important things
8 months ago no Comment

What is a bear market? It’s refered to a situation where different digital assets loss value over a long period of time.   This is the time most people quit the crypto space, a lot of people are less interested in cryptocurrency.   Most people don’t even know what to do in such market condition. […]

How to Become a successful crypto trader
9 months ago no Comment

Over the past years, vast number of people began showing interest in investing in Cryptocurrencies especially the younger generation. This may be as a result of the inflation in local finance sector or perhaps the hype behind crypto trading and it’s handsome return on investment. Whatever the case may be, I also believe you’re also […]

Why I’ll sell off 80% of my crypto portfolio after this bull run [Podcast]
12 months ago no Comment

Cryptocurrency industry is one controversial finance sector that has been trending for the past few years and most people especially young people are very interested in leveraging Cryptocurrencies as a way of making passive income for themselves.   Most people use Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as a store of value while others as investment. […]

How to Verify Binance Account in Nigeria in 10 Mins (Step by Step Guide)
12 months ago no Comment

Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more popular in Nigeria perhaps because of the trampling state of the country’s economy. Most of the youths in the country trade these coins every day. However, there are some who are not able to do it due to account verification. Most people find it difficult to verify their Binance account. […]

SwashApp Airdrop [up to 300,000 SWASH giveaway]
12 months ago 1 Comment

To accelerate mass adoption and grow the community ahead of our IDO, we’re inviting you to join a 300,000 SWASH giveaway.   The first 10,000 people who complete the following actions will receive SWASH token straight into their Swash wallets* no later than the end of November 2021.   Install this chrome extension   Don’t […]

How to Buy Cryptocurrency in 5 Mins – Step by Step Guide
12 months ago no Comment

I know you’ve been hearing about cryptocurrency for a while now, if so the next thought that will come into your mind will be how to buy Bitcoin which is the most popular cryptocurrency right now on earth. But should you really start with Bitcoin? What are the chances that Bitcoin will make you rich? […]

IMG 20211001 123531
1 year ago no Comment

INFORMATION ON Eagle Network Crypto Currency Mining…Eagle Network strategically following its plan. Hence, they have just come out with their WALLET called CRYPTOKARA WALLET.   IF you have started mining Eagle coin called EAN before, please do, as they are also to introduce their smart coin like bnb called EGON.   Eagle is a new […]

wikeria podcast
1 year ago 2 Comments

The blockchain space has experienced massive developments over the years and one such innovation is NFTs. Earlier this year I received news about a Twitter founder selling his first tweet autograph as an NFT for a huge sum of $2.9 million. another NFT artist, Beeple sold his all-day NFT compilations for a whopping $69 million. […]

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