Potential 3000$ Airdrop: SUI NFT devnet free Mint

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You can recall that Aptos gave over $3000 as a reward for a mint of one NFT (some people were able to sell at the peak of over $7,500 on Binance), based on it we can assume that SUI is not an exception either and there is a chance that they will give away at least $3,000 for each. That’s why we so recommend Sui testnet.



Potential 3000$ Airdrop: SUI NFT devnet free Mint
what is sui



Let’s start testing! 🚀

Step 1: Install and setup SUI wallet extension from the Chrome store with your KIWI Brower (if you’re using a mobile device) or PC

Step 2: Get faucet SUI tokens

Potential 3000$ Airdrop: SUI NFT devnet free Mint

To start we need to get test tokens.

Tab on Request devnetnSUI Tokens

We will need them to pay for the gas.

Step 3: Demo NFT Dapp

  • Go to the website – Demo NFT Dapp. Open Sui Wallet and find the tab Apps
  • Next, find Sui NFT Mint and go to the website




Step 4: Create NFTs

  • Write any name for the future NFT
  • Write any description for your NFT
  • Next, you must insert the URL of any image. If you don’t mind you can use our ipfs:// link ipfs://QmZDZSeRKqkjkqEgPMUDKEbmfAGrPCgdL3zWHPVFW2j7mo
  • Press the create button and confirm the transaction in the wallet

Step 5: Create a second NFT and send one of them

Create another NFT and transfer it to any wallet address, such as this one: 0xb8123447f3c77a351862e07ad90477ea12cb5a65

Important! Check if the NFT has been sent from your wallet❗️❗️

Step 6: If your NFT is not sent, send it to your Sui Wallet itself

  • Press the NFT tab
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  • Select the NFT you want to send
  • Press the button to send NFT, enter the address of the wallet

Testing is complete!

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