Blockchain Security Course


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Crypto hacks and scams are common in the online space since the invention of cryptocurrency. therefore, one needs to be equipped with knowledge on these several cryptocurrency scams and how to avoid them. Hence, thats what this blockchain security course is all about.

This is a core blockchain security course to help You secure your crypto assets from predators. without this knowledge, one can loss hard earned money that took years to accumulate to fake scams and techniques.

This scams techniques are spread all over the internet and most comes in form of DeFi platform, whereby just a signal tab can authorise hackers from gaining access to your crypto wallet.


In this course, you’ll learn how to protect your crypto wallets from desperate scammers / hackers. You’ll also learn routines you should carry on in order to deactivate your wallets from such malicious platforms or sites.


You’ll also see settings you should activate in both your decentralised wallet (e.g Trust wallet) or Centralised wallet (e.g Binance) in other to keep your wallets safe and secured from hacks.


You’ll also learn how to run a clinical check on a project before buying on DEX, that is…how to check if a crypto project you’re about to purchase is safe or if its a potential scam token.


There are some crypto projects you can’t convert back to other cryptocurrencies after buying them, this course unleash how to scan / detect such tokens in other to protect yourself and your investment capital.

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