SUI airdrop confirmed: You can still stand a chance

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We’ve been anticipating the SUI airdrop for a long time now. Today, SUI announced their tokenomics allocation confirming the early user airdrop. Here is all you need to know


Also, you can check my previous $SUI #Airdrop strategy post.



SUI airdrop confirmed: You can still stand a chance

Official article:


The line shown in the article confirms the airdrop for early participants of the ecosystem.

Allocation is divided as:


  • Early Contributors: 20% [ Mos Pro Airdrops]
  • Investors: 14%

  • Treasury: 10%

  • Community Access Program and App Testers: 6%

  • Community Reserve: 50%


Now, the community reserve will be divided between:


  • Delegation Program: Bootstrap community-run validators
  • Grants Programs: Devs, community ambassadors, etc.

  • R&D: Support further updates

  • Validator Subsidies: Subsidize stake rewards


🔎 They have also mentioned that SUI community members will be able to purchase the SUI token at the early mainnet stages.


SUI airdrop confirmed: You can still stand a chance



Through the Community Acces Program:


The program is yet to be designed properly…

Some general info about the token:


  • Total Supply: 10 Bil
  • Use-cases: Staking, Gas Fees, Liquid Asset for Various Apps, Governance.


Note: There is no mention of a snapshot or any end date, so I believe, you can still be early…


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