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GM Fren, Howdy? If you are reading this, GG. In the last article we gave the simplest explanations of NFTs, this article will tell the TYPES OF NFTs.

“But I thought NFTs were just digital artworks on the blockchain?” Sorry but Digital artworks are just one type of NFT in existence. Although Digital artworks are the most popular type of NFTs, other use cases are proliferating in the ecosystem. NFTs are built to be unique. As unique as they are and might be, they can also be grouped into different categories;


This is arguably one of the most popular forms of NFTs, Digital art NFTs can be drawings, paintings, photographs, etc. You might have heard of “Beeple: every day, the first 5000 Days” or maybe not, it is one of the most popular Digital art NFTs, it sold for $69 million last year at an auction.



Although the greater populace associates NFTs with pictures of Apes and GIFs of cats, Music can also be made an NFT, and music NFTs are one of the fast-growing ecosystems in the NFT industry. From a superficial examination, you might see buying Music NFT as being the same as buying music tracks on iTunes or an alternative to that as the case may be, but it is beyond that. Buying a music track on iTunes gives you access to listen to that track, but there is no asset ownership on iTunes neither is there proof of ownership of that track on iTunes. Whereas purchasing that same track as an NFT even though it still gives access to listen to others, confers ownership of the track to the one who purchases it. Just imagine Machala minting his upcoming album as an NFT a wild stan will be willing to pay some ridiculous amount to show with public proof (on the blockchain) that he/she owns a track or number of tracks made by Wizkid.

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If pictures can be minted as NFTs, then video clips can be too. Most popular in this category are highlights of sports moments, behind-the-scenes moments of some Famous artists and movies, etc. As an example, a 22-second video clip of Lebron James’s Tribute Dunk to Kobe Bryant was sold as an NFT for nearly $400,000 in February last year. Even the Qatar 2022 FIFA World cup has given fans the opportunity to not only own witness iconic moments of the tournament but also own them in form of NFTs.



There are video games that are built on the blockchain or have blockchain technology incorporated into them, These types of games allow for the trading of NFTs in form of characters, avatars, skins, virtual weapons, and even in-game accessories.



I don’t know how this sounds to you, but it shouldn’t sound strange, if you are an “avid reader” who doesn’t have a bias for digital copies of books, you can purchase some books as NFTs. The first Novel minted on the Ethereum blockchain is a 365 paged fiction Novel written by Brian Toups, you can check it out through this link.



Online courses and certification have been around for a while, but certification by some academies has been taken to another level through the help of the blockchain and NFTs. Certificates are now issued as NFTs this is good news and if you aren’t sure why we will talk about it sometime in the near future.

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The metaverse is a 3D virtual world. Metaverses allow users to interact with others and the environment in the virtual world, these interactions include selling metaverse real estate as NFTs.



Passes and tickets to virtual and IRL(in real life) events have been minted as NFTs and whoever owns this NFT is granted access to the event for which its pass or ticket was minted as an NFT.



The list above hasn’t been exhausted, there is little or no limit to what type of digital files can be minted as NFTs. whether you accept it or attack it, NFTs have come to stay, and soon all digital assets will be in form of NFTs to prove ownership. With that being said, Ciao, see you in the next article.

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