Terms of Service

Below are rules guiding the Wikeria Community

1. Be Respectful 

You must respect all users, regardless of your position. Treat others the same way you want to be treated.

2. No Inappropriate Language

We don’t allow vulgar contents. However, any derogatory language towards any user is prohibited and may lead to getting banned.

3. No spamming 

Do not send unsolicited messages in bulk on the chat. No use of irrelevant or unnecessary links in posts or chats.

4. No offensive names and profile pictures 

You will be asked to change your name or profile picture if we see them inappropriate.

5. Direct & Indirect Threats warning

Threats to other users are absolutely prohibited and disallowed.

6. No sharing of nudes or porn pictures, videos, audio files etc.



Wikeria Usage

By using Wikeria, you understand and accept that Wikeria is a private community, and Wikeria reserves the right to provide or refuse  to provide any services to any buyer or user, or to accept or reject vendors/affiliates, in it’s sole discretion.

Terms of Service for Afilliates 

  1. As a Wikeria affiliate, you will have the opportunity to promote and make commissions on different digital products on Wikeria University and Wikeria Store. Products offered on Wikeria are provided by our Merchants for sale by Wikeria.

  2. You earn 40% commission per sales and it’s subject to change in future. 
  3. You choose which product(s) to promote

  4. Use only respectful promotion method
  5. Withdrawal can be requested anytime and minimum payout threshold is $10
  6. Payout is made via bank transfer and Cryptocurrency (BUSD)


Terms of Service for Instructors/Vendors

  1. Wikeria reserves the right to reject any product or to delist any product that doesn’t meet it’s standard.
  2. You must have all required rights, including copyrights to all content in your product(s) for your products or courses to be allowed for sell on Wikeria.
  3. Merchants earn 50% per sales while 10% goes for the platform maintenance.
  4. Withdrawal can be requested anytime and minimum payout threshold is $10
  5. Payout is made via bank transfer and Cryptocurrency (BUSD)

Noncompliance to the above terms may lead to ban. If you feel mistreated DM an Admin and we will resolve the issue.

Your presence in this server implies accepting these rules, including all further changes. These changes might be done at any time without notice, it is your responsibility to check for them.

Thanks and welcome to Wikeria!


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